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A rise in demand for bone grafts and substitutes in orthopedic clinics during medical emergencies is projected to drive the phase. Carnegie Corp., director American Council on Germany; Don W. Seldin, who was chief of medical providers at Parkland Hospital Dallas when the body of Kennedy was introduced in; and George W. Weyerhauser, director SoCal, Boeing, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, member of the lumber household. Benton Fndtn, chairman of board Jewish Theological Seminary, obtained George F. Peabody award; Paul G. Rogers, Congressman from Florida, now companion the influential Washington legislation agency Hogan & Hartson; Dennis Stanfill, Rhodes Scholar, chairman 20th century fund, was with Lehman Bros., now treasurer Times Mirror Corp. Rockefeller, 1959-64, Ambassador to Uganda 1970-72; Lane Kirkland, president of CIO, additionally on board of Brookings, Rockefeller Foundation CFR; George Cabot Lodge, son of Henry Cabot Lodge; Barbara Warne Newell, president of Wellesley College, ambassador to UNESCO Paris 1979-81-her father was Colston Warne, founder of the consumer movement in the U.S., organized Consumers Union 1936 on clearly outlined Marxist objectives (the elimination of non-public manufacturers changed by “cooperative” brands, supported by radical journalists, trade unionists and academicians); Consumers Union was organized by Warne, Arthur Kallet, Dewcy Palmer, Frank Palmer, an organizer with the IWW, James Gilman, Julius Hochman, Adelaide Schulkind.

Carnegie Corp. since 1967, previously chairman the Rand Corp., director American Council on Germany; directors are Daniel Pomeroy Davison, son of F. Trubee Davison and Dorothy Peabody–he is president of U.S. The art scene is dominated by the new York art sellers, who in turn are dominated by the Museum of Trendy Art, founded and controlled by the Rockefeller family. These German related teams had their origin in the Morgenthau Plan, which resolved to lay Germany waste after World Warfare II. The $21 million German Marshall Fund, a department of the CIA, is headquartered in Washington and spends $5 million a yr supervising German affairs. It has a $forty six million endowment, and annual bills of $three million.

Mitre Corp. Chairman of the $180 million Mitre corp. Sec. Air Pressure 1951-53. Gilpatric was companion of the Kuhn, Loeb legislation firm of Cravath de Gersdorff Swaine and Wooden 1931-61, Yale Corp. In 1984, Brookings Institution originated a new program for the government, written by a team of 10 economists headed by Alice Rivlin, former director Congressional Budget Office. Martin Jr. former chairman Federal Reserve Board of Governors; Robert Brookings Smith; Sidney Stein Jr., Chicago banker, Federal Bureau of Budget 1941-45, Presidential Consultant on Budget 1961-67, committee on Foreign Aid; Robert D. Calkins, Stanford Food Research Institute 1925-32. General Education Board 1997-52, president Brookings 1952-67, was with the NRA and agricultural administration 1933-35, director Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y. After Customers Union workers threatend to go on strike “they reluctantly determined to pay salaries ‘aggressive with capitalist organizations”; Colston Warne was with the Federal Reserve Financial institution of N.Y. Bryan, born in Mexico, naturalized 1947, now president of Gopperweld, a firm owned by Rothschilds Imetal Corp., and Federal Express, one other Rothschild firm – Bryan served with RCAF 1914-5; Richard A. Debs, Fulbright scholar, lawyer for Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y. Robert was director Institute of International Education, Carnegie Foundation, American Group on Allied Reparations 1945,Citizens Committee for the Marshall Plan, Institute of Pacific Relations; Frank Stanton, OWI 1942-45, president of CBS for many years; Robert T. Stevens, chairman of family firm J.T.

Judge J. Harry Covington and Edward Burling based the legislation agency of Covington and Burling in Washington in 1919. Covington, a Maryland congressman, had been appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Washington, D.C., by Woodrow Wilson as a reward for voting for the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. 1919 with a donation of $50,000 from Herbert Hoover. He had turn into a close good friend of Herbert Hoover throughout the warfare, and suggested him on organising the Hoover Institution. The Hoover Institution was founded at Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif. The Brookings Institution was founded by Robert S. Brookings born 1850, unmarried, a St. Louis merchant.